Cooking Colocasia – An unending passion

For us Assamese people, Colocasia or kosu xaak or kosuthuri is not just about some delectable side dishes served with our main course, but it is a ubiquitous entity that can also be described to reflect the community essence.  This highly nutritious plant that captured the imagination of our ancestors and curved its way to […]

Tender Colocasia stems with leaves, cherry tomatoes and fish head curry

Ingredients: Tender Colocasia stems with leaves—2 bunches Cherry tomatoes—20 to 25 Local Rohu fish head—2 Salt and turmeric—according to requirement Sliced ginger—3 pieces Ripe chillies—3 Hot water—half litre Mustard oil—1 table spoon Bay leaf—1 Garlic—half tea spoon Ginger—half tea spoon Onion—one small (chopped) Method: Clean and wash the Colocasia and the cherry tomatoes. In a […]

Tender Colocasia or Kola kosu (local variety of Assam) stems with leaves and cherry tomatoes mashed dish

Ingredients: Tender Colocasia stems with leaves—1 bunch Ripe cherry tomatoes—20 to 25 Salt—to taste Ginger—a small piece(crushed) Green chillies—number of chillies to be added as per preference Mustard oil—1 tea spoon Garlic—20 cloves Plantain leaf—to wrap Thread of plantain leaf midrib or any suitable item—to tie the wrapped plantain leaf Method: First wash the plantain […]

Stems of Colocasia (local variety known as Ahina kosu bau), fermented bamboo shoot (khorisa), and dry fish dish

Ingredients: Colocasia stems—9 to 10 Salt, turmeric—according to requirement Onion—1 (chopped) Garlic paste—half tea spoon Ginger paste—half tea spoon Fermented bamboo shoot—half cup Dry fish—quantity as per preference Green chillies—3 Dry red chilli—1 (dry roasted) Oil—sufficient to fry (I have used 1 table spoon) Method: Wash the Colocasia stems and scrape a bit to get […]