Traditional Assamese boiled dish of Banana flower and pork with peppercorn

Ingredients: Pork—half kg Banana flower—half Long Coriander—1 whole plant (chopped) Pumpkin—4 medium pieces Salt—to taste Turmeric—as required Coarsely pounded peppercorn—2 table spoon/ or use king chilli half piece if peppercorn is not available Bay leaf—1 Garlic—10 cloves Ginger—1 medium piece Onion—2 (chopped) Lemon juice—1 tea spoon Hot water—1.5 litre Method: Clean and wash the banana […]

Banana flower fritters

Ingredients: Florets—of one banana flower Besan—2 table spoon Rice flour—1 tea spoon Salt—to taste Turmeric—as required Onion—1 (finely chopped) Long coriander—1 bunch (finely chopped) Green chillies or peppercorns—quantity as per choice (chop the chillies or pound the peppercorns) Ginger—a 1-inch piece (chopped) Garlic—8 cloves (chopped) Water—for mixing Oil—to fry Whole Cumin seeds—a pinch Method: Wash […]

Banana flower mashed

Ingredients: Banana flower—1 Water—1 litre (for boiling) Salt—to taste Garlic—5 cloves (chopped finely) Ginger—a 1-inch piece (chopped) Onion—1 (finely chopped) Long coriander—1 small bunch (finely chopped) Green chillies—6 (chopped) or quantity as preferred Red dry chilli—3 (dry roasted) Mustard oil—1 tea spoon (raw) Method: Wash the banana flower Remove the tough layers of bracts till […]