Amlokhi (gooseberry or amla) preservation


Amlokhi—1 kg


Water—sufficient for boiling


Wash the gooseberries. Place the kadhai on the stove. Pour water and add salt. When the salt starts to melt, add the gooseberries. Boil it properly. Turn off the stove once it is boiled and strain it in a Khorahi.

When the entire water is drained, spread the gooseberries in a Dola and sun-dry. If you dry the gooseberries for two or three days under a blazing sun, it can be preserved for a long time.

Remove the seeds after the sun-drying process, or if you like you may keep the seeds as well. You can cut the gooseberries into small pieces and mix it with some black salt or leave it as it is.

Store the content in airtight glass bottles or jars. Gooseberry is high in Vitamin C, and helps us strengthen our immune system against many illnesses. But it is difficult to coax our kids into eating a raw gooseberry. But making them eat a few pieces of dried gooseberry laced with black salt is not difficult at all. Always use a dry spoon while taking out the gooseberry from the bottles.

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