Raw mango and pudina or mint leaves chutney

Ingredients: Mint leaves—2 bunch Garlic—8 cloves Ginger—1 small piece Raw mango—half King chilli—a piece Salt—to taste Sugar—less than half tea spoon Method: Wash the mint leaves. Put all the ingredients in the grinding jar or use the traditional grindstone for grinding all the ingredients to a fine paste. Serve this healthy and tasty green chutney […]

Tender leaves of bottle-gourd chutney

Ingredients: Tender leaves of bottle-gourd—10 Garlic—5 cloves (crushed) Ginger—1 inch (crushed) Dry roasted sesame—half tea spoon Salt—to taste Unpeeled garlic—3 cloves Black-pepper—less than half tea spoon Raw mustard oil—less than half tea spoon Dry red chilli—3 Lemon juice—1 tea spoon Method: Wash all the leaves and drain out the water by squeezing them. Place an […]

Colocasia blossoms steamed in plantain leaf

Every part of Colocasia is useful for consumption and also aids in curing many health-related issues. The Colocasia flowers are widely used by the myriad communities of Assam to prepare many lip-smacking dishes. Ingredients: Colocasia flowers—10 Fermented bamboo shoot—1 small cup or 2 or 3 table spoon Salt—to taste Garlic—10 cloves (crushed) Ginger—1 small piece […]

Pork Delicacies

To all the pork lovers out there who relish this meat in whatever style it is prepared, here are some simple but scrumptious recipes that never go wrong even if you fail to collect some of the ingredients for rustling up these dishes. These dishes come under the category of ‘my favourites’ and I cook […]