Bogori (Indian Jujube) powder preservation


Bogori—1 kg

Salt—300 gm

Water—sufficient to soak


Wash jujube. Mix salt in water and soak the jujubes in the salty water overnight. Next day, strain the jujubes and sun-dry. If the weather is not good, let the jujubes remain in the salty water. After a day of sun-drying, press the jujubes one by one to remove the seeds. Then sun-dry again for three to four days so that the jujubes turn crispy. Grind it and sieve. Store the powder in a clean glass bottle.

Jujube helps in digestion and blood purification. The jujube powder can be mixed with mashed potato, or we can have it as it is. We can also mix it with water and have it as a sherbet during the summer season. Can also be added in lentils and curries. Try it out.

If we prefer, we can keep aside a portion of the grounded jujube without sieving, and add our choice of spices to it to convert it into a sweet and spicy pickle. I usually mix chilly powder, chat masala and black salt to the portion not sieved. My kids enjoy this.

Always use a dry spoon to take out the content.