Borpitha (both sweet and salty)

Prepared on the day of Goru (cow) Bihu.


Bora rice (sticky rice) flour– 8 bowls
Jaggery–more than one bowl
Salt–according to taste
Water—sufficient enough to mix the rice flour
Mustard oil—sufficient enough to fry

Method of preparation:

Divide the rice flour into two equal halves. In one portion, mix jaggery and in the other portion mix salt and then knead it nicely with water just like you would do for preparing the dough for chapati, but in this preparation for the Borpitha, keep the dough a little wet.

Now, let us first make the salted Borpitha. Shape balls from the salty rice dough and press with your palm to make it flat. Heat oil in the Kadhai and fry. Remember to be careful while frying because the salty ones will suddenly pop. Use your heta (stirring spoon) to press in the middle of the pitha now and then and it will puff up like a puri. Also regulate the flame as it will be necessary to keep it high sometimes and low at other times.

Fry the sweet Borpithas in the same style, press in the middle and it will puff up like a puri. Use a wide container with a plantain leaf placed at the bottom to store the Borpithas. They will be a bit chewy, but tasty.

The Borpitha is also prepared using other methods in different areas of Assam.

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