Ketlimukhot Diya Pitha

Ingredients: Joha rice flour — 3 bowlsWater — 2 table spoonSugar — very littleSalt — a pinchGrated coconut — 2 table spoonSpinach juice — optional, can be used instead of waterBeetroot juice — optional, can be used instead of water Method of preparation: Mix water, salt, sugar, coconut with the rice flour. Rub the content […]

Hutuli Pitha

Ingredients: Xali rice flour –1 bowlBora rice flour – ½ bowlFinely cut jaggery—as per tasteRoasted and grinded sesame – ½ cupWater –enough to mixMustard oil—enough to fry Method of preparation: Same as Joonbiri Pitha. Only the shape of the Hutuli pitha is different as we make it to look like the Assamese traditional folk instrument […]

Joonbiri Pitha

Ingredients: Xali rice flour — 1 bowlBora rice flour — ½ bowlSesame — washed, sun-dried, roasted and grinded, and less than one cupWater — as per required to mixJaggery — finely cut and as per taste Method of preparation: Prepare the sesame and jaggery filling by mixing the finely cut jaggery with the roasted and […]