Easy to make sweets by every mother

The Covid-19 induced lock down has taught many of us to rustle up dishes with limited ingredients at hand. With kids at home all the time now, it has become a ritual for us mothers to cook something different every day because they feel hungry most of the time. Before ensuing of the lock down […]

Milk powder Lalmohan

Ingredients: Amul milk powder—1 cup Ghee—1 table spoon Maida or refined wheat flour—1 table spoon Liquid milk—as per requirement for kneading Sugar syrup: Sugar—2 cups Water—2 cups Cardamom—split 2 and take out the seeds Lemon juice—half tea spoon Preparing syrup: Take a suitable vessel. Add the sugar and water and put on the stove. Add […]

Stuffed pancake

Ingredients: Maida or refined wheat flour—1 cup Egg—1 Salt—a pinch Water—one and half cup Yeast or baking powder—1 table spoon Powdered sugar—2 table spoon For filling: Custard powder or semolina—2 table spoon Milk powder—2 table spoon Powdered sugar—2 table spoon Liquid milk or water—3 cups Preparing the filling: Mix all the ingredients properly. Place a […]

Pancake roll

Ingredients: Egg—1 Maida or refined wheat flour—2 table spoon Rice flour or corn flour—1 tea spoon Salt—a pinch Baking powder—a pinch Sugar—1 table spoon (2 table spoons can also be used) Ghee or refined oil—2 table spoon Milk or water—if required Method: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and beat properly. If the batter sems […]