Jolphai papad (Indian olive papad)

Ingredients: Raw and fleshy Indian olives—1 kg Sugar—250 gm Salt—to taste Black salt—to taste Black pepper powder—as per requirement (because some may prefer more spiciness) Garam masala—half tea spoon Chat masala—half tea spoon Cumin powder—half tea spoon Coriander powder—half tea spoon Red chilly powder—one tea spoon Method: Wash the olives and boil it. Once it […]

Moran ada (indigenous ginger of Assam) preservation

Ingredients: Moran ada—2 kg Salt—200 gm Water—one litre Method of preservation: Wash and peel the ginger. Wash again after completing peeling. Cut into small pieces. Mix salt in lukewarm water and add all the ginger. Keep the ginger soaked in the salty water for 5 hours or overnight and then strain the ginger. Once the […]