Colocasia leaves roll or fritters


Colocasia leaves of a local variety called Dahi kosu or any edible variety—6 big size 

Gram flour or besan—1 cup

Rice flour—2 table spoon

Salt—to taste

Turmeric—1 tea spoon

Chilli powder—one and half tea spoon

Cumin powder—1 tea spoon

Coriander powder—1 tea spoon

Meat masala—half tea spoon

Water—1 cup or as required

Mustard or refined oil—for frying


Wash the Colocasia leaves. Remove the veins visible in the downward side of the leaves.

Prepare the batter in a mixing bowl. Mix gram flour, rice flour, salt, turmeric, chilli powder, cumin and coriander powder, meat masala by adding water in the bowl. Mix well so that the batter is perfect.

Now take the leaves one by one and spread the batter smoothly on the backside of the leaves. You have to take the batter a little at a time to spread it evenly over the leaves.

Now take one of the leaves and place all the other leaves, their side without batter should face down, on top of it. While placing the leaves on top of another, ensure that the tip of each leaf is not facing the same direction, they should be placed in opposite directions. Fold both sides a little and start rolling carefully.  Take a momo steamer, put one and half litre of water and steam the roll. After 10 minutes check the roll whether it has been steamed properly or not by piercing it with the pointed side of a knife or any other pointed object. If the gram flour does not get stuck to the knife, it is done. Switch off the stove. Once the roll cools down a bit, cut it into equal pieces.

Place a kadhai on the stove. Heat oil. Fry the cut pieces on medium flame properly till crispy. Serve as snack or as a side dish for lunch with any sauce, chutney or mayonnaise.