Glass cake



Powdered sugar—2 table spoon

Refined oil—2 table spoon

Maida or refined wheat flour—3 table spoon

Baking powder—half tea spoon

Baking soda—half tea spoon

Liquid milk—4 table spoon

Cardamom—3 crushed

Tutti-fruitti or raisins—a fistful


In a mixing bowl, beat the egg, sugar, and refined oil. Then add the maida, baking powder, baking soda, liquid milk and beat nicely. Then rub a little dry maida over the tutti-fruitti and add to the batter and mix slightly.

Take two steel glasses. Rub a little refined oil or ghee inside the glasses and sprinkle dry maida evenly. Ensure that a fine coating of dry maida is protecting the insides of the glasses. Now pour the batter equally into the glasses. Top it with tutti-fruitti or raisins rubbed with dry maida or you can even skip the topping.

Preheat a cooker with a stand inside for 10 minutes. Remove the gasket and whistle before preheating. Keep the flame on low. Clean the exterior of the glasses and put them inside the cooker on the stand. Cover the cooker. Be careful while placing the glasses inside because the cooker will be hot. After 35 minutes, open the cooker and your glass cakes are ready. Keep the flame on low during this entire cooking period.

This method will help those mothers who do not own an oven to make a cake.

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