Hutuli Pitha


Xali rice flour –1 bowl
Bora rice flour – ½ bowl
Finely cut jaggery—as per taste
Roasted and grinded sesame – ½ cup
Water –enough to mix
Mustard oil—enough to fry

Method of preparation:

Same as Joonbiri Pitha. Only the shape of the Hutuli pitha is different as we make it to look like the Assamese traditional folk instrument called Hutuli. It should be noted that our ancestors never prepared the traditional delicacies using atta, maida, semolina, baking powder, food colour, etc.

I have been trying to follow the culinary habits of our ancestors and so you will find my Bihu recipes are all rice based. However, you need to be a little cautious while making the traditional rice flour based delicacies because they might develop some cracks while cooking.

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