Jaluk (Black pepper) preservation


Fresh and raw peppercorn (will be green in colour)—1 kg

Water—sufficient for soaking

Method of preservation:

Rinse the bunches of peppercorns. Soak the peppercorns in lukewarm water. After some time, the green colour of the peppercorns will fade. Now strain the peppercorns and spread it in a Dola for sun-drying. Dry under a blazing sun for four days. Before storing the dried content in airtight bottles, remove the stems. If you want the peppercorns to look sparkling black, take a spoon of mustard oil in your palms and rub over the peppercorns before storing.

Black pepper is one of the important ingredients of our traditional cooking and a prominent spice. It helps the body to fight against germs and cough. To tackle issues like body ache, low blood pressure, etc., we can prepare a colocasia dish with black pepper which is popularly known as kosujal. This dish is also served to a new mother to heal her pain. Adding black pepper to colocasia is a typical Assamese style of cooking and apart from the taste, it does a whole lot of good to the body. We should make it a point to use black pepper particularly during the winter season.