Jolphai (Indian olive) preservation in salty water.


Raw Indian olive –5 kg

Water—sufficient to soak

Salt—1 kg

Bay leaf—5

Method of preservation:

Remove the stems and wash the olives. Keep aside. Place a kadhai on the stove and pour water, salt and bay leaf. Once the salt dissolves, turn off the stove and allow the water to cool. This is the salty water for preserving the olives.

Next, take a few big glass jars or earthen pots and put the olives. After filling the jars with olives, pour the salty water into the jars, but remove the bay leaves first. Close the lids. Do not discard the salty water that might remain after filling the jars.

During day one and two, the olives will seem to be floating, but later they will sink. Pour the remaining salty water into the jars where the olives have absorbed the water. You can place the jars under the sun without removing the lids. Even if you do not place them under the sun, it is fine. You can keep them in a cool place.

Preserving and storing the olives, and eating them whenever one wants, particularly during the off seasons, is really a very gratifying experience. Also, having them as a mashed side dish during the summer season increases our appetite. We can also give a transformation to these olives soaked in salty water by making pickles of our choice at any time of the year.  Adding them into some traditional dishes or in curries enhances the taste of the dishes. What is more, this olive is good for those suffering from chronic irritable bowel syndrome.

Always use a dry spoon for taking out olives.

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