Jolphai papad (Indian olive papad)


Raw and fleshy Indian olives—1 kg

Sugar—250 gm

Salt—to taste

Black salt—to taste

Black pepper powder—as per requirement (because some may prefer more spiciness)

Garam masala—half tea spoon

Chat masala—half tea spoon

Cumin powder—half tea spoon

Coriander powder—half tea spoon

Red chilly powder—one tea spoon


Wash the olives and boil it. Once it is cool, remove the seeds and grind it along with the cumin and coriander powder, red chilly powder, garam masala and chat masala, and salt. Add a little water to the mixture to grind well.

Now, put the mixture in a non-stick pan on medium flame and stir for around five minutes; then add black salt and black pepper powder. Stir for another 20 minutes. The water in the mixture will dry and it will become sort of sticky, resembling a dough. Switch off the stove and allow the olive dough to cool.

Take one or two steel plates, rub ghee on the plates and spread the dough in the plates. Use your palm to spread it wide and even. Do not make the spread too thin. Sun-dry it. Ensure that the place chosen for sun-drying the spread is clean.  In two to four days, the spread will get dried properly, and once the edges of the spread start coming out, you know that it is ready. So, cut the spread into shapes that you prefer and preserve it in air-tight glass bottles or jars.

This is a very healthy and tasty recipe, equal to lemons preserved in salt. We can eat it to titillate our taste buds, or to treat problems like stomach-ache, loose motion and irritable bowel syndrome.  Can be served with parantha or chapati as well.

Always use a dry spoon to take out the preserved olive papad pieces.

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