Joonbiri Pitha


Xali rice flour — 1 bowl
Bora rice flour — ½ bowl
Sesame — washed, sun-dried, roasted and grinded, and less than one cup
Water — as per required to mix
Jaggery — finely cut and as per taste

Method of preparation:

Prepare the sesame and jaggery filling by mixing the finely cut jaggery with the roasted and grinded sesame.

Mix both the Xali and Bora rice flour and start kneading, but be careful while using the water, so add little water at a time until the dough is ready. Shape balls from the dough. Take a ball and press with both your thumb to shape it up like a small cup and put a spoonful of filling. Now to make it look like the traditional Assamese jewellery piece called Joonbiri, fold it, press the sides, and while pressing the edges, give a twist with your finger.

Spread whole roasted sesame seeds on a plate, and rub both sides of the Joonbiri pitha on the plate, so that the sesame seeds will get nicely stuck to the pitha. Now the pitha is ready for frying. While frying, the pithas might develop some cracks, so fry on low flame using less mustard oil.

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