Kaju Barfi


Cashew—250 gm

Sugar—1 cup

Water—half cup

Ghee—less than 1 table spoon

Powder milk—3 table spoon


Grind the cashews to a fine powder. Sieve this cashew powder and then add the milk powder to it.

Place a pan on the stove. Add sugar and water and keep stirring.

Take a little of the content from the pan in between your fingers and if you get the thread on pulling your fingers away, add the cashew powder. Stir well and add the ghee.

Continue to stir, and when the content separates from the pan, turn off the stove. Even after turning off the stove, keep stirring.

Now, take a big plate and rub ghee all over. Pour the content into the plate and spread it evenly using your palm rubbed in ghee or any other convenient tool rubbed in ghee.

You can garnish this spread as you wish.

When the spread cools off, cut into equal sizes and your kaju barfi is ready.

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