Kanduli Pitha


Bora rice flour (same used for making Tilpitha) as per requirement
Sugar- 1 cup
Coconut- 1 grated

Method of preparation

Mix sugar and grated coconut and stir it well in the Kadhai until it is ready to use as stuffing or filling. Keep it aside.

Now, place your tawa (pan) or iron kadhai on the stove. Use your palm or a sieve to spread the rice flour in a circular design on the tawa and press gently with your fingers. Put the coconut filling, fold it, and let it cook. This is similar to making Tilpitha, the only difference is that while we roll the Tilpitha, we just give a fold to cook our Kanduli Pitha, that is crispy and tempting.

My mother used to make Kanduli Pitha anytime of the year and we used to love it a lot because of the shape of the pitha that looked like a delicate white fish to us.

For a hands-on experience click here

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