Ketlimukhot Diya Pitha


Joha rice flour — 3 bowls
Water — 2 table spoon
Sugar — very little
Salt — a pinch
Grated coconut — 2 table spoon
Spinach juice — optional, can be used instead of water
Beetroot juice — optional, can be used instead of water

Method of preparation:

Mix water, salt, sugar, coconut with the rice flour. Rub the content with your palm in a Saloni and sieve it.

Take a kettle filled with water and put it on the stove. Close the nozzle of the kettle with paper or plantain leaf. Let the water boil.

Take a bowl and fill it with the rice content that is ready. Now place the bowl on the mouth of the kettle and close it with the lid of the kettle. The pitha will be cooked within minutes in steam.

Serve hot as this pitha tastes better when it is hot. I keep it stored in the refrigerator and whenever I have guests at home, I take it out and place it at the mouth of the kettle. It becomes soft within seconds like freshly made. You can use spinach or beetroot juice instead of water to make this pitha. That will definitely give you a new experience in colour, flavour and taste.

4 Comments on “Ketlimukhot Diya Pitha

  1. Thank you for the recipe. It looks great and am sure will taste even better. Loved the write-up/intro to your site. I wish more Assamese women come forward with their culinary skills. Best wishes to you. Much love.

  2. Thank you taru baa for ur recipe.m following ur YouTube videos n shared with my maa..she loves ur recipes too..and best wishes for ur new blog

  3. Wonderful and much-needed information on the preparation of traditional Assamese delicacies…the writer has put all those in a manner that would help it find a wider, global audience…indeed, this wealth of Assamese delicacies which are simple to prepare and which are healthy and so very palatable at the same time should be experienced by all..and the best part is that any foodie would now be able to try his or her hands at making these mouthwatering items….Thanks to Taru Phukan baideo….

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