Lobongo or Long


Maida or refined wheat flour—1 cup

Refined oil—2 table spoon

Salt—a pinch

For filling:

Use any ingredients available at home. I have used the following items that were available at home.

Paneer—5 to 6 pieces

Grated coconut—2 to 3 table spoon

Powdered sugar—a little/optional

Cardamom powder—a little

Mash the paneer pieces and mix all the ingredients nicely. The filling is ready

For syrup:

Sugar—1 cup

Water—half cup

Lemon juice—half tea spoon

Take a suitable vessel and add the sugar and water. Place the vessel on stove. Once the sugar starts melting, add the lemon juice so that the syrup does not get stuck in the bottom. You can keep this syrup a bit thick.


Prepare the dough. First mix maida, salt and refined oil. Then use cold water little at a time to knead. Once the dough is ready, rest it for 10 minutes.

After resting the dough, make small balls like the size of puri balls. Then roll the balls flattening them to the size of a puri.

Take a puri, add a tea spoon of filling in the middle. Then fold both sides, and press gently all around to seal. Now bring the ends from both sides to the middle, keeping a finger in between and seal with a clove. Shape the remaining puris in similar fashion.

Place a kadhai on stove. Heat oil and and fry them till crispy.

Soak them immediately in lukewarm syrup for 1 to 2 minutes and take them out.

Your Lobongo is ready.