Madhuriam Pator Chah or Guava Leaves Tea


Tender leaves or shoot of guava—5 or 7

Lemon juice—3 or 4 drops to taste  

Cinnamon—1 small piece

Honey—to taste

Water—for one cup of tea


Wash the tender leaves. Boil water in a kettle or saucepan and add the guava leaves. Add the cinnamon piece and wait until the water takes on a light chocolaty colour. Turn off stove.

Discard the leaves and cinnamon piece and pour into your cup. Those who prefer the lemon and honey flavour can add the lemon juice and honey to their cup and the tea will take the hue of a dark chocolate. I sometimes don’t add honey and lemon to my guava leaf tea. Enjoy your tea that is high in many health benefits.

The guava fruit is rich in many vitamins particularly vitamin C. The leaves of the tree are equally useful for treating many health issues. Tea prepared from the leaves is helpful in coping with problems like diarrhoea, cholesterol, apoecia, insomnia, aids in weight loss, improves liver function, digestion, skin condition etc.  

N.B: People who are suffering from major health issues, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor or dietician or nutritionist before embracing a new drink or food.