Milk powder Lalmohan


Amul milk powder—1 cup

Ghee—1 table spoon

Maida or refined wheat flour—1 table spoon

Liquid milk—as per requirement for kneading

Sugar syrup:

Sugar—2 cups

Water—2 cups

Cardamom—split 2 and take out the seeds

Lemon juice—half tea spoon

Preparing syrup:

Take a suitable vessel. Add the sugar and water and put on the stove. Add the lemon juice. Add the cardamom seeds and continue to stir. When the sugar melts completely and the liquid looks ready to be used, turn off the stove.


Mix the ghee in the milk powder. Add the maida to it, mix well and start kneading using the liquid milk. The dough should be very soft. 

Now rub a little ghee in your palms and start shaping balls from the dough.

Place a kadhai on the stove. Heat refined oil. Fry the balls. Initially keep the flame on medium so that the exterior of the balls is fried a little tightly, and then keep the flame on low for the interior to cook well and the balls to take a reddish hue. Do not fry for too long as that will make the exterior too hard.

After frying, soak the balls in the syrup for half an hour and serve and savour while it is still hot.