Milk powder peda


Milk powder—1 cup

Powdered sugar—5 table spoon in total

Cardamom powder—a little

Ghee—2 table spoon

Liquid milk—half cup

Marigold biscuit—3 or 4 powdered


Place a non-stick pan on the stove. When the pan is a little hot, lower the flame. Add ghee and when the ghee melts, add the liquid milk.

Wait for the liquid milk to become lukewarm, and then add the milk powder. Stir well for the milk powder to mix nicely, and then add 2 table spoon powdered sugar, the biscuit powder, cardamom powder and stir.

Continue to stir till the smell of biscuit goes away and once you notice the content is separating from the pan, turn off the stove, but continue with your stirring.

Move the content to a wide plate and once more stir it. Once the content cools a bit for you to touch, rub a little ghee in your palms and start kneading the mixture.

When the kneaded content entirely cools down, add the remaining 3 tablespoon powdered sugar and knead again.

Now start shaping the pedas. If the pedas have come out perfect in your first attempt itself, there is no need to keep them in the freeze.

I never keep home-made pedas in the freeze. It has a very good taste. Milk powder alone does not bring out the colour in the pedas, so I add a few marigold biscuits to highlight the colour.

My younger son is a die-hard fan of pedas. So, during this lockdown period, I prepared this pedas to keep him happy.

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