Mishing traditional method of pork preservation and the best way of eating this preserved meat

This traditional method of preservation was taught to me by a young friend from the Mishing tribe. Sometime back, she had got me a good quantity of dried pork and had also explained to me how to use it. The taste was so unique that I begged her to teach me the method of preparing this dried pork. And I am happy to share this preservation method with all the pork lovers.


Pork—any amount. I used 1.5 kg (including the fat)

Water—for boiling the pork

Wash the meat properly and cut into pieces. You can keep the sizes big or as per your individual preference.

Place a water filled big kadhai or any other suitable vessel on firewood. This traditional method of preservation requires cooking over firewood that has a raised bamboo platform (dhowa-chaang).  

Let the water boil. Add the meat pieces to the boiling water. Continue to boil for more than an hour and then move it onto the dhowa-chaang. The heat from the firewood will dry the meat. Continue the process until the meat is totally dry and shrinks in size.

My quantity of pork got reduced to half kg after being dried.

This meat dried over firewood can be preserved for a long time and is very tasty. You can store the meat in a container and keep the container in the freeze.

How you can eat this dried meat:

Salt—to taste

Chilli powder—to taste (pounded at home)

Ginger—crushed (to taste)

Coriander leaves—a little amount of chopped leaves

Green onions—to taste Take a piece of the dried meat out of the container, heat it and sprinkle all the ingredients mentioned above. The taste is exceptional and the experience is earthy and memorable. For a long-lasting moment, include home-made beer to wash down the meat.  

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