Moran ada (indigenous ginger of Assam) preservation


Moran ada—2 kg

Salt—200 gm

Water—one litre

Method of preservation:

Wash and peel the ginger. Wash again after completing peeling. Cut into small pieces. Mix salt in lukewarm water and add all the ginger. Keep the ginger soaked in the salty water for 5 hours or overnight and then strain the ginger. Once the water is strained completely, place white paper in a Dola (traditional circular bamboo tray), and spread the ginger on it for sun-drying. Sun-dry the ginger pieces for four days or until fully dry.  You can mix a little black salt in the dried ginger if you wish before storing in airtight glass bottles or jars, or store it as it is. Dry ginger has immense health benefits. Apart from using it to freshen your mouth, you can use it for dealing with cold and cough, for digestion and increasing RBC count.

Always use a dry spoon for taking out the preserved ginger.