Nayantara Pator Chah or Rose Periwinkle Tea


Nayantara leaf or flower—2 or 3 (you can choose any one colour like white, pink or dark pink if you prefer to use flowers)

Water—sufficient for one cup

Tender bay leaf or fresh and green bay leaf—3 or 4

Cardamom, cinnamon—as per individual preference for creating fragrance, I prefer to add 1 cardamom

Sugar or jaggery—optional (I have not used)


Wash carefully the leaves or flowers. If you wish you can dry them also before using, but I have used fresh leaves. Pound the Nayantara leaves along with the bay leaves, two or three times is enough.  Or you may choose not to pound.

Boil water in a kettle or saucepan and add the leaves. Add the cardamom or cinnamon before turning off the stove. Discard the leaves and cardamom/cinnamon and pour into your cup. Those who are diabetic will greatly benefit from this cup of tea. Those who do not have any health issues and prefer a sweet taste can add sugar or jaggery into their cup and stir it well.

Tender bay leaves have a curative effect on our body. Nayantara is widely used in Ayurveda and other traditional practices for tackling issues like diabetes, malaria, sore throat etc. This Nayantara tea acts as a preventive against many illnesses. My mother-in-law had advised me this tea saying that it helps to cure problems like white discharge, toothache etc.  Some might find the flavour of this tea too strong. They can dry the leaves or flowers and use cardamom or cinnamon to their taste to flavour their Nayantara tea.

N.B: People who are suffering from major health issues, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor or dietician or nutritionist before embracing a new drink or food.

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