Pancake roll



Maida or refined wheat flour—2 table spoon

Rice flour or corn flour—1 tea spoon

Salt—a pinch

Baking powder—a pinch

Sugar—1 table spoon (2 table spoons can also be used)

Ghee or refined oil—2 table spoon

Milk or water—if required


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and beat properly. If the batter sems too thick, add milk or water to bring it to the consistency of cake batter. If you want colourful pancakes, then divide the batter into three equal halves.

I added orange and green food colour to two parts, and left the other part plain. Now, in piping bags, pour the batter.

Place a non-stick pan on the stove. Use cotton to rub a little oil all over the pan. Using your imagination, create designs on the pan with the piping bags. It takes only a few seconds to cook, so flip the crepe for the other side to cook. Roll it, and take it out of the pan. 

Serve by garnishing with chocolate syrup or honey.

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