Rice flour—2 cups

Maida or refined wheat flour—1 cup

Semolina—1 table spoon

Powdered sugar—1 table spoon

Salt—a pinch

Liquid milk—as required

For filling: Choose anything that is close to your heart or catches your fancy.

I prepared the filling with whatever was available at my home at that time. I used coconut powder, powder milk, ghee, cream, water and sugar for my filling.

How to prepare:

Place a kadhai on the stove. Heat ghee and add the coconut powder. Stir for a while, and add the milk powder and sugar. Add cream and keep stirring and if the content is dry, add a little water because the filling has to be moist. Once done, turn off the stove and allow the filling to cool.


Mix the rice flour, maida, semolina, sugar and salt. Add milk and mix properly to have a batter resembling a cake batter. Rest the batter for half an hour or more.

If you wish to make the Patishapta colourful, you can add red food colour to the batter.

Check the batter before making the Patishapta. If it seems very thick, add a little more milk or water to it.

Now place a non-stick pan on the stove. Brush oil on the pan using cotton.

Pour one ladle of batter onto the pan. Spread it out using the ladle. Keep the flame on low medium. When you notice the crepe has got cooked, add some filling and roll it. Your Patishapta is ready.

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