Pork boiled curry (traditional Assamese style)


Water—one and half litre

Pork—half kg

Jackfruit seeds—20 (cleaned, peeled and washed)

Teasel gourd—1 (cut into two equal halves)

Dry red chilli—10

Green chilli—6

Salt—to taste

Ginger—1 tea spoon crushed ginger

Garlic—10 cloves

Cinnamon—one 1-inch piece

Fermented bamboo shoot—1 cup

Kasuri methi—1 tea spoon

Bonjaluk or wild pepper—take the tip of 5 stems

Long coriander—6 leaves


Wash the meat in hot water.

Place a Botuwa or a suitable vessel filled with water on the stove. Let the water boil. Then add the jack fruit seeds, teasel gourd, salt, chillies, meat, cinnamon, ginger and garlic. Increase the flame and allow to cook for half an hour.

Add the fermented bamboo shoot and cover the vessel. Bring the flame to medium and cook for another half an hour. After that remove the cover and add the kasuri methi, wild pepper and long coriander, and continue cooking for another half an hour on low flame. Crush some jack fruit seeds with your cooking spoon as that will thicken the curry and make it more yummy. Turn off stove.

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