Pork capsicum fry (dhaba style)


Pork—half kg boiled (including fat)

For oil—use a chunk of fatty pork

Salt—to taste

Capsicum—2 (washed and cut)

Chillies—4 (chopped)

Soya sauce—1 or 2 table spoon

Garlic—6 cloves (diced)

Ginger—1 inch (diced)

Onion—2 (cut into big pieces)


Place a pan on the stove. Add the fatty chunk of pork. Oil will start oozing out. Add all the meat and sprinkle salt. Fry the meat on both sides for 5 minutes each and take it out. Now add the onion, ginger, garlic, chilli and salt to the same oil and saute for one minute. Add the soya sauce and stir for one minute. Add the meat and keep the flame on medium. Continue to cook for around 8 minutes without covering. Your dhaba style pork dish is ready. Serve with hot rice or roti.