Red lentil or masoor dal, tender colocasia stems along with leaves and cherry tomatoes


Tender colocasia stems with leaves—1 bunch

Cherry tomatoes—10 to 15

Red lentil—1 cup

Salt and turmeric—as required

Onion (small)—1 chopped

Garlic paste—1 tea spoon

Ginger paste—half tea spoon  

Mustard oil—1 tea spoon

Bay leaf—1

Water—as required



Wash and cut Colocasia. Put it in the pressure cooker, add one cup water and a little salt. Wait for 4 to 5 whistles and then turn off stove.

Wash the red lentils. Place a kadhai on the stove and pour one litre water into it. Add the washed red lentils, salt as required, bay leaf and turmeric into the water and let it boil. Now and then discard the froth forming at the top of the boiling lentils. Once the lentils get cooked, add the cherry tomatoes.

Check the pressure cooker and if it has cooled down, place another kadhai on the stove. Heat one tea spoon mustard oil and sizzle the panchphoron. Add the onion, garlic and ginger paste and fry till the raw smell goes away. Then add the boiled colocasia and stir well. Add this mixture to the kadhai where the red lentil is boiling. Stir nicely and allow the dal to thicken. Your dish is ready. Serve with hot rice or roti.

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