Rice Thali with Hot Colocasia curry or Kosuthur Jalukia as an important side dish

Before I proceed with details about this thali, I would once again reiterate the fact that presentation of dishes is crucial to enticing your family members with their diverse food preferences, to savour your cooking. Even simple food will look magnificent and alluring if served in an attractive manner. This thali that I serve to my family now and then is enhanced with the health benefits accrued from Colocasia. There was a time when it was very difficult for me to coax my kids into eating Colocasia that is so beneficial for health. So, I came up with this thali that is further embellished with a lot of other side dishes, each again having their own health benefits and easily available as well.

The thali is complete with the following items:

a)Hot colocasia curry



d)Ceylon spinach, bottle gourd and red lentil dal

e) Bhangon maas or fish labeo boga fry (you can serve fish of your choice)

f)Fermented tangy mustard or paanitenga


h)Homemade curd


Health benefits of Colocasia is endless. And there are also endless ways of cooking this plant. We can steam it wrapped in plantain leaf, add to dal, prepare a stir fry, prepare a dish with black pepper, we can even add meat, fish, different tangy fruits and vegetables etc., to this leafy green. It is for us to decide which method of preparation we prefer or relish.

Below is the method of preparing this hot colocasia dish that I have served in this thali.

Traditionally we use black pepper to prepare a hot dish of colocasia, but since I have included mutton in the thali, so I decided not to use another hot spice black pepper. Instead I have used a couple of green chillies.

Colocasia shoots—2 or 3 bundle

Green chilli—to taste

Bay leaf—1 

Salt, turmeric—as required

Water—one cup

Garlic—3 or 4 cloves crushed

Ginger—a small piece grounded

Long coriander—3 or 4 chopped

Oil—1 table spoon (we prepare colocasia without oil also)

Clean and wash the colocasia shoots. Without cutting, put the shoots as it is in the pressure cooker with chilli, bay leaf, and salt and turmeric as required. Add one cup of water and place the pressure cooker on stove. Wait for three whistles and then turn off the stove.

Once the cooker cools down, place a kadhai on the stove. Pour a little oil and heat. Add garlic and ginger and saute. Add the boiled colocasia. Sprinkle some chopped long coriander leaves and cover the kadhai. Keep the flame low. Once the water becomes less, add some lemon juice and turn off stove.

P.S:- cooking is always an experiment to cherish and you need not be fastidious about the rules of cooking. If you add more or less of any ingredient, or even if you miss a particular ingredient, you will definitely create a new taste– a taste that is uniquely curated by your heart, and with each attempt at cooking a new dish, you will only script your own journey of self-improvement and self-satisfaction.   The quantity of the ingredients in any recipe including this Colocasia recipe will vary depending on the number of people we cook for. Just listen to your heart.

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