Ronga Golapor Paparir Chah or Red Rose Tea


Red Rose—3 or 4

Lemon juice—one tea spoon

Black pepper powder (optional)—a pinch

Water—for 2 cups of tea

Sweetener as per taste—any one (sugar free, sugar, honey, jaggery)

For embellishing—flower, lemon piece


Take out the petals and wash them carefully. Boil water. Add black pepper, your choice of sweetener, and the rose petals. The water will turn into a light pink colour. Switch off stove. Now sieve into your cups. For creating more magic into your cup of tea, add the lemon juice. The colour will simply mesmerize you. You can increase the number of roses while preparation if you like the taste of this tea.

Rose has been an important component in all beauty treatments since the ancient times.  This rose tea will not only add a glow to your skin, but will also help you to improve your digestive system, help you tackle diarrhoea, gas problem, and will help in weight increase.

N.B: People who are suffering from major health issues, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor or dietician or nutritionist before embracing a new drink or food.

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