Ronga Jobaphulor Chah or Red Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus blossoms—5

Water—for three cups of tea

Cinnamon—one small piece

Sugar or misri (optional)—to be added by those who prefer a sweet taste


Clean the flowers by gently washing them.

Boil water with the cinnamon piece. Boil till the cinnamon softens and then add the flowers before turning off the stove. Discard the cinnamon and hibiscus with a spoon. Pour the water into three tea cups and stir it. Those who prefer sugar can add it. A very beautiful colour will spontaneously emerge in the cups making us feel radiant.

This cup of tea with its natural colour always makes me happy. My mother-in-law used to serve this tea with misri to my kids to address pinworm infestation. Later on, when I made an in-depth study about the many benefits of hibiscus tea like its power to lower blood pressure, aiding in weight loss etc., I realized how great my mother-in-law was with her profound respect for traditional knowledge. 

When we grind the petals for applying as a remedy to our hair problems, the content is slippery. But infused with hot water, it is not slippery at all.

N.B: People who are suffering from major health issues, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor or dietician or nutritionist before embracing a new drink or food.