Rose Syrup and Vanilla ice cream


Rose syrup—half cup

Sugar—one cup

Vanilla essence—one and half tea spoon

Milk—3 cups

Pistachios—5 or 6

Water—half cup

Milkmaid—4 or 5 tea spoon (optional)


Put the rose syrup, half cup sugar, half cup milk, 2 pistachios and water in the grinder and then keep aside the mixture.

Now take the remaining sugar and milk, 2 pistachios, vanilla essence and milkmaid and put them in the grinder again. Keep aside this mix.

Keep an air tight container in deep freeze an hour ahead for pouring the ice cream mix into it. First pour the rose syrup content and keep the container in deep freeze for 20 minutes. Take it out and pour the vanilla essence content over it slowly. Close the lid of the container tightly and keep in deep freeze overnight. Your ice cream is ready. Serve it to your dear ones garnishing it with your creativity.

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