Steamed pork in two different styles

a) Pork with sesame and elephant apple


White sesame—2 table spoon

Black sesame—1 tea spoon

Garlic—10 cloves

Ginger—2 inch

Green chilli—3

Dry red chilli—5

Put all these ingredients in the grinding jar, add half cup water and make a fine paste

How to boil the pork

Take 400 gm of pork and boil for half an hour. Also add one tea spoon lemon juice to it.

Now divide the meat into two equal halves for we are going to prepare two different dishes.

More ingredients that are required for sesame and elephant apple steamed recipe:

Elephant apple—1

Wash the vegetable. Peel the hard exterior and take the soft part. Crush the selected parts for use in this recipe.

Long coriander—2 table spoon (chopped)

Whole green chillies—4

Salt—to taste

Take a banana leaf. Wash it properly.

Mix the sesame paste and all the ingredients mentioned above into the meat. Place the meat in the middle of the banana leaf, wrap it and tie it up with a slice of banana leaf mid-rib or any thread.

Take a momo steamer and fill it with 3 litres of water. Heat the water. Place the wrapped meat over the stand of the steamer and cover it with the lid.

Now, let us get the other steamed dish ready.

b) Steamed pork with fermented bamboo shoot


Fermented bamboo shoot—1 cup

Garlic—9 cloves (crushed)

Ginger—1 small piece (crushed)

Whole green chillies—4

Salt—to taste

Mustard oil—1 tea spoon

Turmeric—half tea spoon

Black pepper—1 table spoon (crushed or pounded)

Long coriander—2 tea spoon

Now mix all these ingredients into the remaining 200 gm of boiled meat. Take a washed banana leaf and place the meat in the middle. Wrap it and tie with a slice of banana leaf mid-rib or any thread. Place this in the momo steamer next to the first one.

It will take around one and half hour for the meat to get cooked. Now and then open the steamer and flip the packages for the meat to get steamed nicely.

Once the meat is ready to eat, serve it with hot rice.