Steamed rice flour cake


Rice flour—2 cups

Baking powder—1 table spoon

Powdered sugar—3 table spoon (you can add more if you want)

Liquid milk or water—enough to mix

Salt—a pinch

Any essence—for flavour


Mix the sugar, salt and baking powder in the rice flour. Add milk or water little at a time to prepare the batter. If you rest the batter for at least three hours, the baking powder will give better result.

Take small size steel bowls or a big steel bowl, rub ghee or refined oil inside and pour the batter filling the bowls half. 

You can take a momo steamer, or a kadhai and place a stand in the kadhai.  Pour more than one litre water in the steamer, and pour enough water in the kadhai to immerse the stand. Place the small bowls in the steamer and the big bowl in the kadhai. Cover the steamer and the kadhai. Ensure the steam does not escape in the kadhai. The cakes in the steamer will be ready in 20 minutes and the cake in the kadhai will be ready in 30 to 35 minutes.

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