Stems of Colocasia (local variety known as Ahina kosu bau), fermented bamboo shoot (khorisa), and dry fish dish


Colocasia stems—9 to 10

Salt, turmeric—according to requirement

Onion—1 (chopped)

Garlic paste—half tea spoon

Ginger paste—half tea spoon

Fermented bamboo shoot—half cup

Dry fish—quantity as per preference

Green chillies—3

Dry red chilli—1 (dry roasted)

Oil—sufficient to fry (I have used 1 table spoon)


Wash the Colocasia stems and scrape a bit to get rid of the tough fibres. Cut into pieces. If you have dry fish purchased from the market, then wash it with salt. And if you are using fish dried at home, you don’t need to wash with salt. Place a kadhai on the stove. Heat oil and fry the fish. Take the fish out. Add onion, garlic ginger paste to the same oil. Fry till the raw smell goes away. Add the Colocasia stems and stir. When you notice that the stems have become soft, add the dry fish. Slit the chillies and add. Add the fermented bamboo shoot and cover the kadhai. Lower the flame and cook till done.

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