Sthalapadma or Hibiscus Mutabilis Tea


Sthalapadma—4 (I have used the pink blossom)

Lemon juice—1 teaspoon

Salt or black salt (optional)—a pinch

Sugar or honey (optional)—as per preference and taste

Water—sufficient for two cups of tea


Remove the petals and wash them. Boil water and add the petals to it. After five or six seconds you will notice that the colour of the petals has faded and the water has turned into a light yellow colour. Switch off stove. Discard the petals and pour into glass cups or glasses. Add the lemon juice in one cup to see the magic. The original colour of the flowers will come back—the tea will have the tinge of pink now. Depending on your taste, add the taste makers like salt or black salt, sugar or honey into your cup and stir well.

Nature’s wonders are infinite. The more we establish a communion with nature, the more we will benefit. Sthalapadma is just one such wonder of nature, with its myriad health benefits. We can dry the flowers for yearlong use. We can even mix the dried flowers with green tea.

N.B: People who are suffering from major health issues, pregnant women and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor or dietician or nutritionist before embracing a new drink or food.

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