Summer of Covid-19 (Those Icy delights to beat the heat and the blues)

This Summer is definitely different for us if we compare with the earlier years.  With the Covid-19 induced restrictions, and the fear that sits slyly in the back of our mind, many things have changed—our way of living, our way of interactions, our way of reaching out to others, and even our way of planning and our goals for posterity. However, if we look at this Summer from a new perspective, we will see that this scorching season has actually transformed us into innovators and architects in the culinary field.  With kids demanding anything from cool drinks to ice creams and smoothies and frozen desserts to beat the heat, I am sure many of you must have already tried to rustle up some frozen delights to meet the demands of your children. I too have embarked on this icy, or more aptly the ice cream making journey for the sake of my kids as I am still hesitant to go out with them to the nearby ice cream parlour.

Below are some of the easiest recipes of ice cream and cool drinks (sherbet) that I have been preparing very frequently for my family this summer season. I make sure to conjure up these frozen delicacies from locally available fruits, and my kids slurp them up with satisfaction, and even those prepared from fruits that they utterly dislike but are high in health benefits. Do try these recipes as that will provide your children an exposure to the local and indigenous fruits as well as ensure that they do not have to visit the doctor. Since these home prepared frozen delicacies are devoid of any artificial additives and preservatives, I always fulfil the demands of my kids.   (Published in Assamese magazines Nandini and Sparsha)