Sweet Boondi


Besan—1 cup

Baking soda—a pinch

Water—half cup

Refined oil or ghee—as required for frying

Salt—a pinch/optional

Tools required:

A skimmer that is used for frying puris

For syrup:

Sugar—1 cup

Water—1 cup

Add the sugar and water in a kadhai and place it on the stove. Keep stirring and to check whether the syrup is just perfect, take a little in between your fingers and if you get the thread while stretching your fingers, then the syrup is ready. Turn off the stove.


Mix the besan, baking soda and salt. Add water and mix till you get a batter that resembles the consistency of cake batter. Cover the batter and let it rest till your sugar syrup is ready.

Place a kadhai on the stove. Heat oil and bring down the flame to low medium. Hold the skimmer and place it above the oil, it should be around 4 to 5 cm above the oil. Now with a ladle pour the batter over the skimmer—the batter will fall in round shape in the oil.

After the kadhai has enough to hold, stop pouring batter. Bring the flame to low and start frying with the skimmer. When the boondis become crispy, take them out and spread over a white paper.

Soak the boondis in the sugar syrup for 4 hours or more. Now and then during this time, stir the boondis a little. Serve your dear ones this home-made boondis by garnishing with malai, cream or ghee.

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