Taro stolon ( kosu hirolu or kosuloti), fermented bamboo shoot, jack fruit seeds and red lentil and yellow moong dal


Taro stolon—2 bunches (wash, remove the fibres and cut into small pieces)

Jack fruit seeds—1 cup (peeled, washed and scraped)

Red lentil and yellow moong—1 cup

Salt and turmeric—as required

Onion—1 small (chopped)

Garlic paste—1 tea spoon

Ginger paste—1 tea spoon

Mustard oil—1 table spoon

Bay leaf—1

Ripe chillies—3

Fermented bamboo shoot—1 cup

Whole garlic cloves—6

Asafoetida—a pinch

Water—as required


First keep one litre water in the pressure cooker and put on stove to boil. Meantime wash the red lentil and yellow moong and clean the jack fruit seeds as directed above. Once the water in the cooker starts bubbling, add the bay leaf, salt, turmeric, red lentil, yellow moong, jack fruit seeds, taro stolon, chillies, fermented bamboo shoot, and whole garlic cloves and close it. Wait for two whistles and then turn off stove. Allow it to cool.

Now place a kadhai on the stove. Heat oil, add a pinch of asafoetida and fry the onion, and ginger garlic paste till the raw smell goes away. Pour the content from the pressure cooker into the kadhai. Allow it to boil for a while and if required add a little more hot water. When you are satisfied with the thickness of the dal, turn off stove. Serve with hot rice or roti.  

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