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Taru Phukan

Teacher, poet, dreamer and a culinarian.
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Namaste, and welcome to my blog that is an attempt to take you down the lane of nostalgia to once again connect to the flavour, colour and taste of grandma’s cuisines served with love and care. The dishes rustled up by my grandma always had vegetables and fruits that were locally grown, and some were found in abundance in the wild.

My mother emulated grandma’s culinary skills and my own passion for cooking grew during those days when I stood behind my mother watching her collect different leaves and roots from the wild for her kitchen. The taste and flavours from my mother’s kitchen later on inspired me to study, experiment and write about the benefits of our indigenous recipes which have been published in many magazines and newspapers of Assam including Nandini, Anyayug, Priyosakhi, Pubali etc.

Through this blog, I would love to share with you the food culture of Assam and my recipes with people who are keen to know about diverse cultures, people and food traditions across the globe. Most of my recipes are ethnic, handed down to me by my ancestors and packed with a lot of health benefits. Aiming to reach food lovers all around the world, I have got my articles and recipes translated into English. Hope you will support me in my endeavour to promote our ethnic Assamese food before a global audience.