Tender Colocasia or Kola kosu (local variety of Assam) stems with leaves and cherry tomatoes mashed dish


Tender Colocasia stems with leaves—1 bunch

Ripe cherry tomatoes—20 to 25

Salt—to taste

Ginger—a small piece(crushed)

Green chillies—number of chillies to be added as per preference

Mustard oil—1 tea spoon

Garlic—20 cloves

Plantain leaf—to wrap

Thread of plantain leaf midrib or any suitable item—to tie the wrapped plantain leaf


First wash the plantain leaf and spread outside under the sun or put it over your stove to make it dry and a bit shrivelled up.

Wash the Colocasia and cut into medium or large pieces and place in the plantain leaf. Wash the cherry tomatoes, and with all the other ingredients mentioned in the list above, add to the Colocasia. Now wrap the plantain leaf properly and tie it with the thread taken out of the plantain midrib or with any other suitable item.

Heat a tava or skillet on the stove and place the wrapped plantain in the middle. Cover the wrapped plantain with a lid or any suitable vessel properly so that the steam cannot escape. After every five minutes, flip it because the stuff inside the plantain leaf has to get cooked. Once the water stops exuding from the content and the plantain leaf on both sides get burnt, you will know that it is done. Turn off stove.

When the wrapped plantain is somewhat cool, open it and take out the contents inside. Mash and serve with hot rice or poita bhat (cooked rice soaked overnight).

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