Tender Colocasia stems with leaves and potato


Tender Colocasia stems with leaves—2 bunches

Cherry tomatoes—5


Bay leaf—1

Water—half litre  

Salt and turmeric—as required

Mustard oil—1 table spoon or as per preference

Onion chopped—1 large

Garlic paste—1 tea spoon

Ginger paste—half tea spoon

Black pepper powder—1 table spoon

Coriander powder—half tea spoon


Wash and cut the Colocasia. Clean and wash the cherry tomatoes. Peel the potatoes. Put the Colocasia, cherry tomatoes and potatoes (you may boil the potatoes separately also) in the pressure cooker, add water and put the cooker on stove. Wait for 4 to 5 whistles and turn off stove.

Cut two boiled potatoes into medium pieces.  Rub coriander powder and salt into the cut potato pieces.

Place a kadhai on the stove and heat oil. Fry the potato pieces and take them out. Add onion, bay leaf, ginger garlic paste into the remaining oil in the kadhai, and fry till the raw smell goes away. Smash the whole potato and add to the spices in the kadhai along with turmeric and black pepper. Stir well, and then add the boiled Colocasia. Keep on frying. If the water dries and you feel that a little water is still required for the Colocasia to cook perfectly, add a little hot water equivalent to two table spoons. Once the Colocasia is done, add the fried potato pieces and stir well. If the content in the kadhai becomes too dry, add one table spoon of water, stir and turn off stove. Serve this dish with hot rice or roti.

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