Tender leaves of bottle-gourd chutney


Tender leaves of bottle-gourd—10

Garlic—5 cloves (crushed)

Ginger—1 inch (crushed)

Dry roasted sesame—half tea spoon

Salt—to taste

Unpeeled garlic—3 cloves

Black-pepper—less than half tea spoon

Raw mustard oil—less than half tea spoon

Dry red chilli—3

Lemon juice—1 tea spoon


Wash all the leaves and drain out the water by squeezing them.

Place an iron tawa on the stove. Dry the leaves on the tawa. Place the unpeeled garlic cloves and one dry red chilli also on the tawa. When the leaves and the other items on the tawa become crispy, turn off the stove. Allow the items to cool down.

Now, put all the ingredients in the grinding jar or you can use the traditional hand grindstone for the grinding process.

Serve this very tasty chutney with rice or roti.

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