Til Pitha (rice cake)


Bora rice—1 kg
Washed and sun dried sesame—2 bowls
Jaggery—1.5 bowl
Fennel seeds—a little

Method of preparation:

Wash and soak the rice for three hours and then strain the rice in a Khorahi for one hour. Grind the rice and sieve it over a container. The rice powder should be very fine to prepare the Tilpithas. We gently press the rice powder collected in the container after sieving to make it air tight. Check the rice powder with your fingers, and if it feels that there is no stickiness at all, rub a little water over the rice powder and sieve again. You will get the required stickiness for preparing the delicacies.

Now get the filling ready. Roast the sesame and fennel seeds. Once cool, grind it. Cut the jaggery into fine chips and mix with the grinded sesame. Use your hand for mixing as it will ensure that all the ingredients are blended well. Your filling is ready for the Tilpitha.

Place the tawa (pan) on the stove. Check the tawa for the required heat to make the Tilpitha. Temperature of the tawa is an important factor for making the Tilpithas. Use a sieve or your palm to spread the rice powder and press gently. Put the sesame filling in the middle in a straight line and start rolling. Push it to the edge of the tawa and let it cook while you can again spread rice powder to make the next pitha.

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