Traditional Jalpan

Jalpan or the traditional snacks is integral to Assamese culture and it has survived the incursions from all parts of the globe to our treasure trove of food.

My Jalpan platter that I serve to the elders in our family and the community on the occasion of Bohag Bihu always include Bakul Bora Chira, Hurum, Bora Handoh, Uhuwa Handoh, Duwai-bhoja, Muri, served with buffalo milk curd, raw milk, cow milk curd, jaggery and mithoi.

Borpitha or Ghilapitha,

Salty and Jaggery based Telpitha,

Muri laroo,

Chirar laroo,

Kanduli Pitha,

Joonbiri Pitha,

Hutuli Pitha,

Tilor laroo, and Ketlimukhor Pitha.

Please check below for the recipes of the items that are integral to our traditional Jalpan platter.