Uhuwa Saulor Poita Bhat

We Assamese people relish our Poita bhat (leftover rice soaked overnight), more so during the summer season.

Apart from the taste, Poita bhat provides a lot of health benefits and when we have it with some particular side dishes like red ant eggs with duck egg and cherry tomatoes, grilled cherry tomatoes, paanitenga (mustard seed paste prepared with a special method), pitika (mashed) of grilled Puthi mach (red barb) and Goroi mach (green snake head), wild leafy greens, mixed veg or labra, brinjal grilled and mashed, baby potato fry, dry fried cabbage with panchphoron (five whole Indian spices), a little pure mustard oil, onion, green chilly, ginger, pounded chilly, salt, some typical Assamese pickle like Nogatenga achar, Tita bhekuri achar, Borthekera achar, etc.,

We not only hog the food, our body also gets most of the essential nutrients. Poita bhat on the day of Goru Bihu is integral to our traditional cuisine.

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