Wheat cup cake


Wheat flour—3 table spoon


Refined oil—1 table spoon

Baking powder—half tea spoon

Baking soda—half tea spoon

Milk—6 table spoon

Jaggery—2 table spoon (you can add more if you want)

Black pepper—as per your requirement



Take the jaggery in a bowl and add 4 table spoon milk. Mix it well and then sieve it into a mixing bowl. Add the egg and refined oil to the mixing bowl and beat it nicely. Then add the wheat flour, baking powder and baking soda to the mixing bowl. You can put all these three ingredients in a siever and sieve it over the mixing bowl, it will give more perfection to the batter. Now beat all the ingredients nicely and then add the remaining 2 table spoon of milk, cardamom, black pepper, and beat gently.

Take 2 or 3 steel cups, rub a little oil inside all the cups and then sprinkle wheat flour evenly for a fine coating. Pour the batter into the cups. Wipe the exterior of the cups neatly.

Preheat a cooker with a stand inside for 10 minutes. Remove the gasket and whistle before preheating. Keep the flame on low. Put the glasses inside the cooker on the stand carefully as it will be hot. Cover the cooker. Check after 20 minutes and if the cakes have started to cook, you can brush ghee or oil on top of the cakes as that will highlight the colour.  After 30 to 35 minutes, open the cooker and your glass cakes are ready. Keep the flame on low during this entire cooking period.

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